Vancouver, Wa. Clark county

The largest city located on the shores of the thriving Columbia River. There is so much to see from the banks of the river. So many seals catching salmon, pleasure boats drifting down river and choppy waters headed to the worlds most dangerous ocean bar crossing it’s a sight to see.

pearson air museum

Is located just 3 miles away. If you’re a fan of Aviation this is your destination. With open acsess to a public runway and planes taking off and landing just feet away it’s a thrilling experience not many people have enjoyed. It also includes a full museum with some great historical aircraft.

Vancouver’s Waterfront park

Only 1 minute Zoot Scoot away. This state of the art facility features fine dining choices as well as pizza and pubs. So many choices all in the state of the art shadow of the new Peir that allows you to walk out over the waters edge.

frenchman’s bar

For our 3 hour riders. There’s no limit to what you can see in the day. Ride down to Frenchman’s bar, play a game of beech volleyball, head north to salmon creek and ride the salmon creek trail with exhilarating sights of bald eagles, wild turtles and osprey and more. Head east to the largest trail on the county the burnt bridge creek trail that’s long and flat, starts at the base of the heights neighborhood and runs in the shadow of the hills clear to cascade park. There are lots of places you can really get to scooting on the open trail here.

Our full day riders. It’s time to #GetZooted. There are no limits to the choices. You can ride the entire city.

Visit local hot spots like Heathen brewing for a cider, stop at Main Street marijuana the states largest cannabis store, get ready for a ride out to Lacamas lake. Dare to ride to battleground Park and do some Chantal mushroom picking or play on the river running through the county.

Just make sure your prepared for the journey back after a long day of Exhilarating activity’s.